[SPAM] RE: [aprssig] UIview Digiepater add-on

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Fri Jan 26 17:46:03 CST 2007

VE7GDH wrote:
> Kai LA3QMA wrote...
>> But I really don't think a PC is stable enough to run perfectly 24/7/365
>> without some kind of watchdog
> I run UI-View32 as a IGate for weeks and weeks on end. The machine 
> running
> the IGate here is used for many other tasks on a daily basis, so even if
> there is the occasional glitch, I know about it. However, about the only
> time the computer ever needs a restart is after  Windows update that
Yes then you are the watchdog :o) and you have easy access to the machine.
windows and ui-view can run almost as perfect as a TNC with DIGI firmware.

I was more thinking of using a PC on a hill top.

And the only time i got UI-View stop is when to much info from the IGATE 
or a plugin for uiview has crashed then nothing is working. Not sure if 
thers a function killing plugins that stops working, but if using the 
uiu-view api then it stops everything that ui-view wish to do until 
either tyhe plugin is killed or starts to work again..

I'm running an old windows2000 doing no upgraded and only running 
ui-view an igate everything else on the net etc is closed and it runs 
perfect for over 200days before a reset needs to be done.
> ticks along with no interruptions at all. I really think that Windows 
> is a
> lot more stable than it used to be, but I agree that it would be good 
> if a
> person were around to give it a nudge if needed.
i'm in both religions. Using windows for a very few programs. everything 
else is FreeBSD, Debian or SuSE

At work we are using SuSe and RedHat but these are just like windows... 
not terrible stable if you are using it for lotz of different things.

And the downside with windows is that if you have two complete identical 
computers installing with same CD then you might get one stabel computer 
and the other is actring crazy.

So if you first have a stable windows then its running like a clock...
And whatever religion or operating system as with hardcoded TNC i think 
we should be monitoring them because nothings failsafe.

We had a packet node running ok for years until som complains.... it was 
the TNC that wanted the radio to TX continously... and so it died.... 
old radio without a timeout timer.
>> So the plugin should use WIDE1-1 or NOHOP as a path? :o)
>> AGWTracker uses QRT as a method to "drop" packets so that its not
>> been digied.
> I would think it should be more of a no hop path... i.e. direct only. 
> if the
> idea is to let local mobile APRS users know about local voice 
> repeaters, the
> range of the object shouldn't really be reaching out to through 
> digipeaters.
> If the program generating the object is down in a hole, it probably isn't
> in the best location to be generating the object. However, with that 
> said,
So the path should not be able to alter...

> I'm sure there will be occasions when someone might want to generate
> objects, bulletins or announcements at something other than their default
> path. I hear what Bob is saying about perhaps it might be better if it 
> had
> an unchangeable no-hop path, but perhaps I have more faith in operators
> setting things up properly. If they err, we help them fix it.
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
Anyhow people can still send out objects with i.e ui-view and APRSTracker.

So maybe LA3QMA to APU25N via QRT is the way to go...

i have not read the APRS protocol to see if theres a destination address 
like this..

Kai Gunter

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