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[SPAM] RE: [aprssig] UIview Digiepater add-on

Joel Maslak jmaslak-aprs at antelope.net
Sat Jan 27 04:21:12 UTC 2007

On Jan 26, 2007, at 2:47 PM, Robert Bruninga wrote:

> I'm beginning to realize, based on one of the other posts, that
> there are many non-KPC3+ digipeaters on mountains with nearby
> voice repeaters that may need to have a local such object.  So
> in this case, then the Uiview down in the "hole" would need to
> have a ONE-HOP only path via that mountain top digi to advertise
> that colocated voice repeater.  In all cases, this path would be
> 1 hop specific to that one digi.  I don't see any need for a
> generic path to hit more than one digi.

Most of the time the people directly involved in the local scene  
could care less about an object for the local repeater.

But, that said, even when I'm driving long distance, by the time I've  
entered the frequency, perhaps set a PL if I feel like I'd transmit,  
etc, I'm halfway through the repeater's range, plus another 10  
minutes after that (since we're only beaconing once every 10 minutes  
- I'm 10 minutes further inside the coverage), plus I'd have to see  
it on my display, etc...

I'd personally prefer to send a message to a "repeater server" which  
can compute at the least PHG circles and tell me what repeater(s) are  
available.  Obviously it would be even better if such a server only  
gave me a couple of repeaters, and, preferably, repeaters that  
actually have someone listening on them.

That would seem to solve a bunch of problems - such as areas with  
APRS without anyone sending an object (but where I might want to get  
on a repeater anyhow), QRM, etc.

Ideally, APRS devices would make that request into a quick button  
push - maybe even tuning a voice radio automatically, putting in the  
PL, etc (there's no technical reason that Kenwood couldn't do this in  
the D800 or whatever <grin>).

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