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[SPAM] RE: [aprssig] UIview Digiepater add-on

Steve Huston huston at srhuston.net
Sat Jan 27 04:40:00 UTC 2007

On 1/26/07 11:21 PM, Joel Maslak wrote:
> I'd personally prefer to send a message to a "repeater server" which can
> compute at the least PHG circles and tell me what repeater(s) are
> available.  Obviously it would be even better if such a server only gave
> me a couple of repeaters, and, preferably, repeaters that actually have
> someone listening on them.

That's why I like the idea of using some identifier that won't collide
on APRS-IS (which I'm doing for an object of our club's repeater).  This
way, if someone knows they're heading up this way, they can look at the
APRS map beforehand and see the object, maybe program it in their radio,

If by some miracle everyone were to come to a consensus about how to
name the objects and get them into APRS-IS, I'll bet a quick script
could make pretty PHG-circled maps from findu :>

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