[SPAM] RE: [aprssig] UIview Digiepater add-on

VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Fri Jan 26 18:24:18 CST 2007

Kai LA3QMA wrote...

> I was more thinking of using a PC on a hill top.

It's definitely nice knowing that I'm only a few steps away from the machine
running UI-View, but it's more reliable than the Energizer Bunny. It just
keeps on going and going.

> And the only time i got UI-View stop is when to much info from the
> IGATE or a plugin for uiview has crashed then nothing is working.
> Not sure if thers a function killing plugins that stops working, but if
> using the uiu-view api then it stops everything that ui-view wish to do
> until either tyhe plugin is killed or starts to work again..

Hmmm... I'm having a bit more success. The desktop machine that's running
the IGate performs quite a few other functions, but I'm probably not working
it too hard. On the other hand, I also run UI-View on a laptop that I
routinely run way too many programs on. I've sometimes had to do a reboot on
the laptop, but I don't blame it on UI-View. It's probably more to do with
the dozen to two browsers I'm running (pre IE7), a database or two, a few
other programs, a text editor, an HTML editor, a few copies of PuTTY, an
email client or two, a mapping program occasionally (in addition to UI-View
which us using PMapServer 7 / PM7), sometimes a terminal program or config
program for a TT3 or OT etc. I don't complain too much if I have to reboot
the laptop every week or two whether it needs it or not. Of course, if I
take it somewhere, it usually gets shut down for a few minutes while it's
going out to the truck.

> I'm running an old windows2000 doing no upgraded and only running
> ui-view an igate everything else on the net etc is closed and it runs
> perfect for over 200 days before a reset needs to be done.

That sounds reasonably stable!

> i'm in both religions. Using windows for a very few programs. everything
> else is FreeBSD, Debian or SuSE
> At work we are using SuSe and RedHat but these are just like windows...
> not terrible stable if you are using it for lotz of different things.

I know what you mean there. They can go months without needing a reboot, and
that's usually because of some update that was needed.

> And the downside with windows is that if you have two complete identical
> computers installing with same CD then you might get one stabel computer
> and the other is acting crazy.

Hmmm... if they are identical in other regards, it sounds like you might
have some hardware issues.

> We had a packet node running ok for years until som complains....
> it was the TNC that wanted the radio to TX continously... and so it
> died...
> old radio without a timeout timer.

That's too bad about the radio, but it sounds like you got quite a few years
out of them. The next one will probably have a time-out timer.

> So the path should not be able to alter...

For flexibility, it would be nice to adjust the path, but if it's generating
an object to advertise a repeater, the ideal would be (as Bob mentioned) if
it was up at the repeater site or right at a digi site with similar coverage
to what the voice repeater has.

> Anyhow people can still send out objects with i.e ui-view
> and APRSTracker.

Yes, but as Bob mentioned it would be at the path as specified in the
station setup. I sometimes put out objects from here with my usual one hop
path of WIDE2-1. There are occasions when it would be better if they went
out with no path.

> So maybe LA3QMA to APU25N via QRT is the way to go...
> i have not read the APRS protocol to see if theres a destination
> address like this..

The destination isn't going to make any difference how far the object goes,
but the path will of course. When it comes down to it, if an existing digi
has a similar footprint to the voice repeater, it would be the ideal place
to beacon the advertisement with no path. As Bob also mentioned, a tracker
right at the repeater site could also be used. An add-on to do it from a PC
will sometimes be the right solution in other places. As you pointed out,
any UI-View (or other client) can put out an object, but at the station's
default path.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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