[aprssig] UIview Digiepater add-on

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Sat Jan 27 03:41:08 CST 2007

VE7GDH wrote:
>> ui-view an igate everything else on the net etc is closed and it runs
>> perfect for over 200 days before a reset needs to be done.
> I'm running an old windows2000 doing no upgraded and only running
> That sounds reasonably stable!
yes but remember no upgrades etc its better to close security bugs in 
the firewall between the windows machine and the net. not sure if this 
stability had been so high if i was using the machine for other things.

But i had one or two times the TNC on the TM-D700 stopped. Overkill to 
use the tm-d700 but as i'm using the radio from work then the main band 
can do some work when i'm not using the UHF hehe

Running UI-View as a DIGI and IGATE. But now we got some snow :o( so the 
planed digi is postponed yet again.
> And the downside with windows is that if you have two complete identical
>> computers installing with same CD then you might get one stabel computer
>> and the other is acting crazy.
> Hmmm... if they are identical in other regards, it sounds like you might
> have some hardware issues.
Have found out that the upgrade on windows doesn't use the same drivers 
on the hardware.
Strange... But a stable windows is stable... but when its start acting 
veird then its no hope and i think its faster to reinstall a Ghost image 
than to try to fix drivers etc.
>> i have not read the APRS protocol to see if theres a destination
>> address like this..
> So maybe LA3QMA to APU25N via QRT is the way to go...
> The destination isn't going to make any difference how far the object 
> goes,
> but the path will of course. When it comes down to it, if an existing 
> digi
> has a similar footprint to the voice repeater, it would be the ideal 
> place
> to beacon the advertisement with no path. As Bob also mentioned, a 
> tracker
> right at the repeater site could also be used. An add-on to do it from 
> a PC
> will sometimes be the right solution in other places. As you pointed out,
> any UI-View (or other client) can put out an object, but at the station's
> default path.
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
 think i'm going to ask the Elcom dudes if they can implement something 
like this in the DIGI.
Its possible to enter 4 different DIGI comments and with 4 different 
paths. So maybe a beacon with another symbol could be possible.

Offtopic: hows the status on TM-D700? Here in Norway its not possible to 
get one due to some new "eu" rules. They are allowed to sell what they 
had in the shop in 2006.Probably have to buy from US but even with taxes 
and transport its cheaper that way.

Kai Gunter

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