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[aprssig] Local Traveler Repeater Freq Objects

Eric Goforth eric at goforthtech.com
Mon Jan 29 19:13:51 UTC 2007

I don't see why this can't be done relatively quick.  APRS Depot already
has a automated response system that handles IRLP information (
http://www.aprsdepot.com/forum/index.php?board=29.0 ).  Since the
response is consistent, having a radio read in the response to
automatically program would be a fairly trivial process.  

For example:

Right now if I want to know the nearest IRLP node, while mobile on my
D700, I send a message to:
With the text:

It automatically determines my nearest location and responds with
something like:

Node 3180, 12.1 Miles, 145.480 - pl 107.2, AK6E

Obviously the fields are:
Node Number, Distance, Freq - PL, Contact Callsign.

Now, if we were to setup a similar database (APRS Depot can parse from
the IS stream) for voice repeaters, then automating some of these
processes would be a snap.

We could even go to the extent that if they want a text response to send
to APRSDEPOT, and a response that would auto tune to send to APRSAUTO
(for example).

Interesting stuff here!

Eric J. Goforth, N6GOF


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> Ideally, APRS devices would make that request into a quick button push

> - maybe even tuning a voice radio automatically, putting in the  PL, 
> etc (there's no technical reason that Kenwood couldn't do this in the 
> D800+ or whatever <grin>).

Yes, that is definitely where we are going with this concept.
If we can just get these objects on the air, and everyone doing it in a
consistent manner, then it is trivial for people to write little
pic-processors (or kenwood)to tune the mobile rig automatically to that
recommended frequency at the push of a button.

But we must get these objects on the air in a consistent format.

Hence, my initiative to get every local area with a KPC-3+ type of
DIGIPEATER to include this local travelers repeater frequency in the
digipeater's Btext.  Our's is on the air now as 147.105+D where I chose
"D" for the location (Davidsonville).  You can get a list of any other
such objects from FINDU with the
http://map.findu.com/147.105* request (of course there are no others

The reason I say KPC3+ digipeaters, is because it is trivial to
implement with them.  It is a little more problematic to put it in other
digipeaters due to the difficutly of making the packet DIRECT only and
on its own 10 minute schedule.  Thought it can be done.  (See the above
web page)...


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