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[aprssig] Local Traveler Repeater Freq Objects

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jan 31 00:13:49 UTC 2007

> > As a computer database type guy...
> > I don't think I would count on the repeater frequency 
> > plus one character as being a globally unique string.

True, it is not absolutely global, but for the purpose of these
objects which is local RF only anyway, it just doesn't matter to
the application.  But to those purests, that want their object
to be  unique on the APRS-IS, we offer them a chance to
coordinate their -X if they want the hassle...

> Why would this matter? ... these objects would be put 
> on the network via one hop to keep them local.
> There should not be any conflicts.

Ah...  No, not even one hop.  DIRECT ONLY.  When these objects
are originated at the DIGI as they should be, they should only
go DIRECT. (no hops) If they are digipeated one hop, then they
go into surrounding areas where users cannot possibly use the
original voice repeater, and these distant objects them become
SPAM that kills this whole concept.

Also by being originated DIRECT at the DIGI only, they also are
fully protected form QRMing anyone, since the digi only
originates one of these when it hears the channel is clear.  If
one hop is used, then this is just another potential QRM source.

Bob, Wb4APR

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