[aprssig] Front Panel Object Displays

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jan 31 14:05:02 CST 2007

Not only do I expect to see the long-haul travelers best
repeater frequency on my APRS radio display, I also expect to
see NETS and MEETINGS in progress in case I have a few moments
and want to drop in.  I also expect to see HAMfests and other
events.  Here are some examples.

+-------------+ +-------------+ +-------------+
| NET-NOW     | | CLUB-MTG    | | HAMFEST     |
|  7PM TU 5th | |  8 PM Thur  | |  Sat 23 Jun |
|  147.105+   | |  27 Jan 07  | |  FARFEST    |
+-------------+ +-------------+ +-------------+

Not only do these -temporary- objects show you that something is
happening right now, but also the radio displays the direction
and distance to the object as shown below:

+-------------+ +-------------+ +-------------+
| NET-NOW     | | CLUB-MTG    | | HAMFEST  ^  |
|   FM19sx    | |   EM27FG    | |   EN23PD |  |
|   11.3mi ==>| |   1.4mi <== | |   32.6mi |  |
+-------------+ +-------------+ +-------------+

Such objects should include the date, so that the mobile can
easily tell if these are old objects that someone
inappropriately left on the air.  Any APRS client can be used to
enter these objects, including the D7 and D700!

It is trivial to send these objects from the D7 or D700 radio
too. The first person with a D7 or D700 that arrives at the
meeting, can simply bring up his front panel APRS menu, and
change his MYCALL to either "NET" or "MEETNG" or whatever.  Then
leave his rig running during the meeting.  Everyone around will
see it.  At the end of the meeting, he cycles power to his
radio, and his CALL is restored for normal operations.  The
object transmission ceases.

APRS is a local resource about what is happening right now!
Don't forget to use it for something useful...


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