[aprssig] Local Traveler Repeater Freq Objects

Josh Freeman cpe.jfreeman at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 14:54:50 CST 2007

William McKeehan wrote:
> That would be nice except the data used by things like usrepeaters.com is not
> accurate. It simply uses the city that the repeater is listed as for the
> location. The actual location of the repeater could be miles away from the
> reported location.
I'm just now reading over this thread, so I may be a bit behind. If so,
sorry about that.

I once proposed a publishing of repeater information in my area that
would have included relatively precise coordinates for the repeaters, so
that people could do their own terrain analysis, coverage maps for their
immediate area, etc. I was told that many of the repeater owners would
simply not authorize the broadcasting of this information due to
concerns about vandalism or jamming. Apparently they didn't want anyone
being able to plug the coordinates into their GPS and walk up to the
repeater site. I'm not a repeater owner, so I don't know whether that's
a real concern or not - but the point is that the repeater owners will
have to be on board before this becomes useful.

Or perhaps the precision of the coordinates sent out over APRS could be
diluted somewhat so that the general location information would still be
useful, while helping to allay repeater owners' concerns.

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