[aprssig] D700 Recomend Settings for Moble

Jim McManis kg6ows at clearwire.net
Mon Jul 16 20:33:10 CDT 2007

1 hop beacon every min. in  our sjv here in CA. will not help our busy 
channel !  Jim KG6OWS
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>> >Tx interval: ...
>> I don't have a GPS and enter position manually?
> Still 1 minute.  The reason is, you want any passing APRS user
> running voice alert to hear you.  If you only beacon once every
> 10 minutes, you will never even be heard by someone passing
> right by...
> But set your path to one hop or none.  I just returned from a
> 1600 mile trip but my GPS cables were ripped out by my son's big
> feet.  The GPS still ran on some AA's I dug out from under the
> seat.  But I only turned it on for a single fix once every hour
> or so.  Otherwise, I just entered that posit once and then
> dead-reckoned my position every 10 miles.
> When 10 miles went by (mile markers), I would add(or subtract) 8
> minutes of Latitude if I was going north or south, or add (or
> subtract) about 10 minutes of Longitude if I was going east or
> west.  Anything in between I did proportionally too.  People
> reported I was never more than a few miles fro where I really
> was.  And with position ambigutiy of 1 mile set on the D700, it
> was pretty obvious to anyone that my positions were estimates
> and not precise.
> Clicking up the LAT or LONG by 8 or 10 clicks was very easy to
> do...
>> If you are entering this information manually
>> you should use manual transmissions ...
> TO make Voice Alert work and to meet other folks on the road, I
> recommend automatic at 1 minute rate but only 1 hop in the path.
> Bob, WB4aPR
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