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Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Wed Jul 25 13:44:34 CDT 2007

KC0RNP-Richard N. Piper IV wrote:
> I am looking for a cheep GPS unit for my D700A. I do not wish to have 
> to make or "splice" any cable to make it work with my D700A. I know 
> that AvMap works out of the box but don't wish to pay that kind of $. 
> I saw a GPS unit on TAPR that has an serial connector, would that work 
> with my D700A as it has a serial connection on the front of the radio?
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The DB9 serial connector    IS NOT   for a GPS.  It is for connecting a 
computer for "Packet Mode" operation with an external program. 

Any  GPS connected to a D700 plugs into the 2.5MM sub-mini connector 
(i.e. mini-headphone-style plug) next to the DB9.   You WILL have to 
fabricate (or purchase) a specialized cable with a male 9-pin D-sub on 
one end (assuming the GPS itself has a cable with a standard 9-pin 
female plug intended to plug into a PC serial port), and the 2.5MM 
stereo (i.e. 3-contact tip-ring-sleeve) miniplug on the other.

Further, note that USB-connected GPS devices are absolutely useless for 
standalone use with a D700 or TH-D7.   You can only plug a USB GPS into 
a computer.    You must located one of the dwindling number of GPS 
devices that still have a classic serial port output for use with the D700.

Probably most D700 users use one of the faceless "mouse" or "hockey 
puck" GPS units still available with serial output such as the Garmin 
GPS18 or the Deluo that sell for $70-$90.  Note that these devices 
require a source of 5 volts DC power to operate -- normally provided by 
a cigarette-lighter 12VDC-to-5VDC adapter.


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