[aprssig] List slow?

Kurt A. Freiberger kurt at badgers-hill.net
Sat Mar 24 23:13:59 CDT 2007

I talked to a friend of mine that lives in Portales, but her in-laws 
were in Clovis.  Their house got hit by the tail end of a run.  Lost a 
turbine vent and their porch roof, a tree was uprooted in their back 
yard, many sections of fencing piled up.  And, strangely, they found a 
sword upright in the back yard.  Go figure.


J. Gary Bender, WS5N wrote:
> It's been quite here too Earl.  Either we are both missing messages, or 
> they aren't there.
> I was watching the storms on TV and you came to mind.  This (west) side 
> of the state just got rain and snow, but you guys got nailed.  Glad you, 
> family, and house came through ok.  Having the phone go dead must have 
> been maddening.
> --
>     J. Gary Bender, WS5N
>     DM54rp
>     Fence Lake, New Mexico  USA
> On Sat, 24 Mar 2007 21:31:07 -0600, Earl Needham wrote:
>> I haven't received ANYTHING from the APRSSIG since I posted about
>> the bad weather in Clovis last night.  Has there been no traffic,
>> or is something messed up on my end?
>> Thanks,
>> Earl
>> KD5XB -- Earl Needham
>> Clovis, New Mexico DM84jk
>> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cw_bugs
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