[aprssig] Two More Tier 2 Servers for your use!

Stan - N0YXV n0yxv at gihams.org
Thu Mar 29 21:05:22 CDT 2007

The Tier2 Network is nothing more than a way to relieve some of the load off
of the Tier1 Servers. While there has been great debate over the pros and
cons of such a system (Tier2) it remains simply a CHOICE for APRS operators.

You can connect to one of the Tier1 servers, such as
http://first.aprs.net:14501/ (Stats page) or http://first.aprs.net:14580
(Filter Port that you can attach your APRS program to). For a better
understanding of "Filter Ports" you can refer to

Or you can take some of the load off of the handful of Tier1 servers and
connect to one of the 38 Tier2 Servers such as
http://nebraska.aprs2.net:14501/ (Stats Page) or
http://nebraska.aprs2.net:14580 (filter port that you can attach your APRS
program to).  There is even a "Round Robin" (mostly random choice) of one of
the Tier2 servers by connecting to http://rotate.aprs2.net:14580.

Tier2 servers are most certainly NOT a replacement for Tier1 servers they
are only a CHOICE that APRS operators can pick from. Tier2 servers have a
direct connection to Tier1 servers so they all have the same data available.
If you agree that spreading out the APRS load over many servers instead of a
handful is a good idea then connect to a Tier2 server. If you think having
only a handful of servers is the best route to go then connect to a Tier1
server. Sometimes having a CHOICE isn't a bad thing.

In ANY case I highly recommend that you have more than one server for your
APRS program to attach to. I've seen cases where an ISP lost a lot of their
direct connectivity to the West but kept a connection to the East. While
that shouldn't be enough of a drop in the ISP's bandwidth to kick you off an
APRS server, Murphy is always waiting in the wings.

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> Alright, when it comes to APRS infrastructure....I know nothing.
> What, is a
> Tier 2 server? I go and have a look at the links and simply see a whole
> stack of statistics and thats it! No support pages, no "how it works"
> pages. At least at findu.com I can find "myself" :-)
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