[aprssig] What is wrong?

Michael J. Wolthuis wolthui3 at msu.edu
Sun Nov 4 06:46:17 CST 2007

We use WXn-n in all the major digis instead of MIn-n.  This is because a large amount of weather stations configured many moons ago send out to WX2-2.  We are working to change them all to MI2-2, but we want to get all the digis updated first.  Then we will start tackling the weather stations.

That is why "L".


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> We upgraded the major Grand Rapids, MI digi this week to an ā€œLā€ digi.

I'm curious why you are making it an "L" digi?  Is there some reason you are not using the SSn-N system?  Just curious to understand how things are going in the area...


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