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[aprssig] Satellite I-Gate

Eric Weber webmanou812 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 1 00:45:39 UTC 2007

Ok, Is there anything special to be a receive only
satellite I-gate?
I've got the 2m set...145.825....
I've got a la-dee-dah antenna (nothing fancy with
gain) just a normal omni...not a tracking one yet...
I'm using UI-View....(don't hurt me)....
and I-gating what I hear.....

I've seen to igate to certain addresses, but that
looked to be only telemetry.....I'm not doing that
(afaik)...not yet anyway....

But, I haven't heard anything come through
either...so, what tricks of the trade do I need to do?

I've looked, and I've found info but there is soooo
much info out there (old, new, unknown) that I'm not

Thanks for any advice you guys can share...


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