[aprssig] APRS resolution

Tapio Sokura oh2kku at iki.fi
Mon Oct 1 02:54:54 CDT 2007

Steve Noskowicz wrote:
> I'm no expert on GPS, but what about the random wander
> of GPS.  Does this level of accuracy need differential
> GPS with a local GPS reference transmitter?

There's a difference between accuracy and resolution. I'm not going to 
repeat the definitions, google can do that for you. Anyway your accuracy 
can be limited by resolution, which is the case with the regular 2 
decimals of minute APRS. Of course good resolution doesn't guarantee 
accuracy (or precision), but at least good enough resolution doesn't 
prevent you from reaching good accuracy.

Another thing entirely is whether typical uses of APRS need more 
resolution than two decimals of minute. Most probably don't. But the 
spec shouldn't unnecessarily restrict users from using good accuracy if 
they have the navigation gear to achieve it.


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