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[aprssig] New sexy applications ??

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Oct 1 18:31:13 UTC 2007

> Have I lost touch?... but has there been no 
> new applications beyond winaprs, findu, and 
> uiview and (Linux and) bob's dos version? 

They all still work.  They all support positions, objects,
messages and telemetry.  Just about any application can use
these protocols to accomplish any objective (within the limits
of the 1200 baud channel loading).

The thing you have missed is the total revamping of the network
for a factor of 2 to 5 times improvement in local reliability.
See the New-N Paradigm...

> Expansions into additional communication of health status 
> reports for disasters or epidemics would be interesting.

Did that back in 1988 or so as a precursor to APRS which was one
of the main incentives for developing APRS.  It used APRS to
send the 5 digit TRIAGE codes for mass casualties.  You can
still do that today.  In fact, you can walk around with a D7 HT
and key in the patient triage code on its keypad and have it
automatically transmitted on APRS and captured on receipt.

See how we used the D7 as a DATA entry device for scores at a
scout jamboree and used the D700 attached to a clipboard for
accumulation of the data at the headquarters:

APRS was never supposed to be an end-in-itself.  And it was
never intended to be thought of as a vehicle tracking system!
It is simply a basic communications protocol.  Just about any
application can be fit on top of it with a little creativity,
without having to re-invent the wheel for each application..


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