[aprssig] Aprs local initiative and UiView

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Oct 1 19:43:08 CDT 2007

> I'm trying to set up UiView according to the 
> localinfo intiative.

I'll answer to the APRSSIG to clarify this point.  Not a good
idea.  This is not something for individual users to implement..
the Local Repeater Initiative is only for highly situated
digipeaters that cover large areas similar to the area covered
by the voice repeater...

> I believe that I should be sending:
>   147.105+*111111z3902.26N/07626.26WrT107 R50m ...

No.  The 147.105+D repeater should already be on the map.  It is
being sent out by the WB4APR-1 digi on top of the Annapolis
Water tower.

The reason we do not want home stations sending out any of these
objects is because:
1) Home stations use a path -other-than- direct.
2) This makes each one digipeated which halves channel capacity
3) This makes their packets go too far and QRM everywhere else
4) This use of home station to flood areas with objects is part
of the problem, not the solution.

Placing these FREQUENCY objects only at digis has all these
1) DIGI can hear the entire coverage area
2) DIGI will not TX the object until channel is clear
3) DIGI will not collide with any users because of this
4) DIGI sends the packt only direct and no further
5) DIGI is high and covers a large area with this very
effficient packet
6) OBJECT is only seen in the area where it can be used.
7) OBJECT will not be seen 150 miles away where it is nothing
but QRM and of no local value

Hope that helps.


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