[aprssig] Re: I may be setting up a digipeater

Joseph M. Durnal joseph.durnal at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 13:02:28 CDT 2007

Transmitting the object from the other digi would be ideal, but its
owner has declined to do so.  The two digis would have nearly
identical coverage, which is nearly the same coverage as the repeater.

I'd want to keep this as simple as possible, multiple radios and TNCs
wouldn't be ideal.  I was hoping to set it up on 99 because having two
digis with the same coverage listening on the same frequency seems
like a waste.  I suppose I could just set it up to beacon and not
digipeat, but that also seems like a waste of a good transmitter.

73 de Joe NE3R

On 10/3/07, Keith VE7GDH <ve7gdh at rac.ca> wrote:
> Joe NE3R wrote...
> > The digi will probably be a 144.99 input and 144.39 output, since
> > there is another digi nearby. I don't have much experience here, but
> > I'm thinking that the Alinco with the T2-135 would be easy to deploy
> > and maintain. The main function for this digi would be to transmit
> > the local repeater object since doing that from my home station isn't
> > the most reliable solution due to antenna restrictions.  Any
> > suggestions will be most welcomed.
> Technically, that could be done, but with the DR-135 listening on 144.990
> and transmitting on 144.390 it wouldn't have any way of knowing when the
> frequency was clear. If it was both listening and transmitting on 144.390 it
> would at least know if another station or digi within earshot was already
> transmitting. If the frequency is very lightly used, the chances of
> clobbering other beacons would be a lot lower, but a 144.990 in / 144.390
> out digi would be better with two TNCs and a transceiver on 144.390 so it
> could listen before transmitting.
> What is the coverage of the "other digi" like? Would your digi be providing
> similar coverage? What is the terrain like? Would either your digi or the
> other digi have coverage similar to the voice repeater? It's definitely a
> good thing to generate an object for the voice repeater, but it should go
> out direct with no path and ideally from a digi having coverage similar to
> that of the voice repeater. If the other repeater and the voice repeater are
> high up, the network might be better off with the other digi generating the
> object. Regardless, try and determine if a digi is actually needed...
> WIDEn-N if it's high up, WIDE1-1 if it's a fill-in digi helping mobile
> stations get to the WIDEn-N digi. That should be the first decision.
> You are right about the T2-135 being easy to maintain. You can reconfigure
> it at any time with an APRS message.
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
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