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Doug Ferrell, KD4MOJ kd4moj at kd4moj.org
Wed Oct 3 18:20:39 CDT 2007

I'm quoting a VERY old message because I'm alittle confused (my normal

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> KPC3+ v9.0 with new command like UIDUPE seems to be very useful for
> digipeating. In the v8.3 there is no timer for regular UI as RELAY WIDE or
> TRACE; timers in 8.3 are only for n-n UILFLOOD and UITRACE
> Problem in 9.0 is that although commands are upgraded, in the firmware is
> some bug or there is need of another setting, because with settings like
> All frames are duplicated even after 5 seconds, if they are heard by v9.0
> again. All packets repeated again and again, and there is no difference
> WIDE or WIDEn-n.

   Trackers are driving me nuts. Don't get me wrong, I own an OT. BUT, the
Dupe checking doesn't seem to be working on my two digi's (operating since
'96). They are setup correctly like bob's page below:

UIFLOOD SS,30,ID       <for your SS state or SSS or SSSS ARRL section
UITRACE WIDE,30        <makes all WIDEn-N traceable
UIDUPE 30              <new command for the 9.1 ROMS

  Question is... does dupe check only check the callsign or the data
contained in the packet? If it's the callsign only that dupe is supposed to
check, it's not working. Mine are set at the recommended 30.

	Local trackers are sometimes pinging every 10 seconds depending if they are
driving around in the local supermarket. By the time they have hit the two
digi's, here comes the next position. Some have been misconfigured and the
users are educated for the proper timing parameters for use around here.

  But since we have about a half a dozen new trackers, the traffic has
increased about 500% because of the constant digipeating of the

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smoking crack doesn't seem to do any good anymore.


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