[aprssig] Re: I may be setting up a digipeater

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 3 18:45:13 CDT 2007

>> Transmitting the object from the other digi 
>> would be ideal, but its owner has declined...
> Hmmm... why he declined to do so? 

Because he is already outputting a different Frequency Object
for a different repeater.  Maryland now has at least 6 digis
that are outputting the frequency objects.  Since we need an
additional such frequency object on this same mountain, then an
additional TNC needs to go up.  And if it is up there, it may as
well do something useful.

So that is how this discussion came about.  The mountain is also
close to the Appalachian trail, and so the idea of a 144.99
input is something I would like to see up there for tracking low
power Microtracks and Rtracks etc...


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