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[aprssig] Dupe Checking....

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 3 23:54:53 UTC 2007

You didn't mention what type and version of TNC you have at your

> Trackers are driving me nuts. Don't get me wrong, 
> I own an OT. BUT, the Dupe checking doesn't seem 
> to be working on my two digi's (operating since
> '96).
> Local trackers are sometimes pinging every 10 
> seconds depending if they are driving around 
> in the local supermarket. By the time they 
> have hit the two digi's, here comes the next 
> position.

Yes, the digi cannot filter those out, since each packet is
different.  This is a user configuration problem with the
tracker.  We have a few of those around here too.  It sounds
like it is set to too-high a rate, or has improperly configured

I wish I had some ideas, but I don't.  Somehow we need
configuration software to force limits on the settings that
users can make for routine operation...

> But since we have about a half a dozen new trackers, 
> the traffic has increased about 500% because of the 
> constant digipeating...

Proportional-pathing would help.  That way, the trackers would
still have a frequent update rate locally, but at least each
packet would not be multiplied out 2 hops and 8 copies in all
directions all the time.

Good luck.  We should make it a requirement for all one-way
trackers to include a valid email in their beacons, and to
monitor 144.39 voice alert (with their unused receiver).  Then
they would drive themselves nuts with all their frequent


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