[aprssig] Helping One-way Trackers be two-way communicators

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 3 19:24:37 CDT 2007

>> Good luck.  We should make it a requirement 
>> for all one-way trackers to include a valid 
>> email in their beacons, and to monitor 144.39 
>> voice alert (with their unused receiver). 
> Uhmm.. I realize this is partially in jest.. 
> but nothing in Part 97 requires an Amateur 
> Radio Operator to have a valid email address, or, 
> internet access. It's a hobby about RF, after all.

Be careful.  Nothing in part 97 authorizes one-way broadcasts of
this nature either.  So I think it is only prudent to operate a
tracker while taking care to provide a means for listening or
receiving feedback if there are any problems created by his
settings...  Yes, ham radio is a hobby of two-way RF

Again, I have nothing against trackers, and Transmit-only APRS
devices.  I have several.  But I do think those operators should
be full participants in our two-way APRS network.  There are
many ways a one-way tracker can better join with his fellows on
the APRS communications network:

1) Monitor 144.39 CTCSS 100 for voice alert
2) Include a monitoring frequency in their beacon
3) or Include an email address in their beacon

Just trying to get everyone communicating.  My joy in APRS
mobile is in receiving and seeing what everyone else is doing.
Especially while traveling in new areas. At least if a one-way
tracker is also monitoring 144.39 CTCSS 100 for voice alert, he
can tell if someone is nearby... And can start or receive a QSO
that way.

Just a perspective...


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