[aprssig] Re: D710 standalone control head!

Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Wed Oct 3 22:50:03 CDT 2007

At 03:53 AM 10/3/2007, Tapio Sokura wrote:
>Bob Bruninga wrote:
>>Today at DCC, kenwood announced that the new D710 control head will be 
>>sold separately too
>Is there an MSRP or approximate prices published for the control head 
>somewhere yet?

The D-710 has a street price of about $590.00

The D-710 control head can be bought separately for a bargain price of $589.00



BTW,  I'm kidding.    I'm sure that Kenwood will knock at least $25 of the 
price of the complete radio...

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