[aprssig] Assessing the local network by ear...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 3 23:03:53 CDT 2007

> I can understand suggesting the use of Voice 
> Alert (100 Hz CTCSS on 144.390 MHz when 
> there's an operator present) but I just didn't 
> understand the comment about driving themselves 
> nuts...

The scenario I read from the post was that there were about a
half dozen or so new trackers in his area with apparent
misconfigured settings.  With beacons seeming as short as every
10 seconds or so.  Now if the operators of those trackers were
listening to the other 5 pinging away on voice alert, then they
would hear all the racket and wonder what was making all the

In my commute, I can occcasionally cross paths with two other
people running Voice Alert.  We cross for about 5 minutes and
only every few days.  When we do, I hear maybe one packet a
minute for about 5 minutes, enough to let me know that skip is
driving near me.  If he was beaconing at an ususually high rate,
then I would notice that and let him know...

Again, receiving APRS while mobile and listening to what is
happening on the channel in my immediate vicinity is important
to me.


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