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[aprssig] Dupe Checking....

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Oct 4 04:23:07 UTC 2007

> > This is a user configuration problem with the
> > tracker.  It sounds like it is set to too-high 
> > a rate, or has improperly configured smart-
> > beaconing.
> Most have been misconfigured... We have a good 
> group of hams here so hopefully within the next two
> weeks we can check all the programming on the TT/OT's.

Yep, It's the "tradgedy of the commons".  The user assumes that
he should be able to configure for the best track he can get.
And smart beaconing can give him a posit at every turn and a
high number or points to give him the best track...  But at the
expense of eveyone else.

The two objectives of the "best track" versus equal sharing of
the network are mutually incompatible.  Read about the "tragedy
of the commons" as the first paragraph on the web page:


We have a tracker in our area that used to generate more than 99
packets per hour during his commute times.  But he was slow to
cut back, because as a newbe, he liked the perfect track he was
getting (at the expense of everyone else), since all his little
turns were within a mile of the digi...

I have no problem with smart beaconing if somehow it can be set
to AVERAGE no more than about one packet per minute or less like
everyone else...


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