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[aprssig] Scout and RSGB symbols

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Oct 4 19:47:16 UTC 2007

> -	Give us back the "RSGB" (or radio club) diamond.

There is a series of radio diamonds that can be overlayed with
any additional character.  Overlay it maybe with G and you have
it.  I believe it is the "\a" symbol.  Currently the only
overlays that have been asssigned are "A" and "W" for ARES and

-	Remove one of the scouts. The freed symbol could 
	then be reused for another important purpose.

We don't need to remove the Girl Scout symbol.  It is just one
of 37 possible overlays on the existing scout symbol.  So we can
still use that code space for other "scouting related" symbols
if really required.


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