[aprssig] Space Station Packet is on the air

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 5 17:29:33 CDT 2007

>> So it is nice for all three packet digipeater 
>> satellites to be on the same frequency for 
>> easy capture by 145.825 APRS Igates
>> and feed to the web pages: http://www.ariss.net
>> http://pcsat.aprs.org
> Just curious -- can you do multi-hops between 
> them to possible get a 2-meter contact around 
> the world?  That would be pretty neat! 

Yes, (and no).  When Pcsat is alive, then yes.  But ANDE has a
weak TX and RX and so would have to be very close to the iSS.
But that was the plan all  along to encourage as many 145.825
digipeating satellites as possible..

Its been done a few times.  Via PCSAT-2 and PCSAT-1 and ISS...


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