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[aprssig] SCOUTS to RF Broadcast Server???

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Oct 6 03:28:07 UTC 2007

> ... APRS is supposed to pass messages to "SCOUTS"
> to RF, so that scouts can easily find each other...

The problem with this approach is that it required action on the part of a 3rd party (an Igate operator) to set it up.  AA5PL, Pete has suggested a much better method that will work in the field for everyone that wants to QSO without dependence on a 3rd party!.

Pete suggests a "Registered Broadcast Server".  The way it works is that you send an APRS message to the server indicating your intention to join the SCOUTS Broadcast.  At this point, you will receive a copy of any SCOUTS broadcasts.  You can send up to one outgoing "broadcast" once every 30 minutes.  After 12 hours, you will time-out of the server.

Volunteer programmer?  We need something like this written!

This will greatly facilitate APRS-two-way communications through the APRS-IS which is sorely needed in APRS today to get back on track with what APRS is all about.  Exchanging information between live people.

Something like this:

    This will log you into the broadcast server for "SCOUTS".
    You get a reply message: "Logged in to SCOUTS at 2236z"

To: SCOUTS   MSG:CQ JOTA, from troop 995 Annapolis Maryland.
    When you send this message, the server will broadcast 
    this message one-time-only with no ACK to all
    logged on users of SCOUTS.

    This will log you off if you are finished with your
    event to cut down QRM from the server through your IGate.

This could work for SATERN, or YOUTH, or any other subset of come-as-you are groups that are widely dispersed but may need to contact each other from the field.

Wow, I think this could really be a new dimension for APRS!  Thanks Pete...  (or it could be melt-down... depending on usage).  But we can throttle it back if it gets out of hand.  But without it, we have no way of contacting remote groups through the APRS-IS without apriori knowledge.  And APRS was never supposed to be dependent on apriori knowledge to facilitate communications?

ANy programmer with time on his hands?


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