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[aprssig] SCOUTS to RF Broadcast Server???

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Oct 7 02:54:04 UTC 2007

Im catching up in reverse order...

> My original recommendation is to not allow 
> the "broadcast" from any one station more 
> than once every 30 minutes.

I think that is perfect.  It matches the 30 minute "net cycle time" of APRS already well established.

> The server-generated messages use the originating 
> station's callsign.  This is the primary reason 
> why they must be unnumbered (no ACKs).

Excellent idea.  Only comment I would add is to call these "server-forwarded" messages instead of "server-generated".  Because there may be other "server-generated" messages, and these terms need to be more distinct?

> I would recommend something more like:

I can see your advantage here, in that you have eliminated the need for a separate LOGIN message from the CQ message.  This does seem like a good idea, but it limits us a little bit in all the possible applications for this technology.  I'd rather keep your original idea of a separate LOGIN request (which yes, is ACKED with what ever server info is needed back to the LOGEE).  But keep that separate from the subsequent <groupname> messages themselves...

> This would allow the server to use its own call 
> to gather all messages and ACK the message 
> (much simpler interface).

Yes, and this continues to work perfectly for the LOGIN request as you orignially designed.

Although GROUP CQ's was the original request, the ideas I have always had for GROUP MESSAGING was a broader application.  All scout camps or even weekly troop meetings for scouts could just come up on the air anywhere and communicate with SCOUTS anywhere..

Thanks for taking this ball and running so far with it!
Great work.


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