[aprssig] SCOUTS to RF Broadcast Server???

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Oct 7 07:37:47 CDT 2007

> The problem with the "temporarily change callsigns"
> scheme is that you would need to do it at least 
> once every 30 minutes

Ah, good point.

> and you would have potentially hundreds of stations 
> trying to ack messages..

Not really, because the "SCOUTS" position is only sent once (or so) and then changed immediately back to MYCALL to actually send the outgoing SCOUTS message.  Since the outgoing message has to have one's own MYCALL in order to have any value...

> Basically, CQSRVR properly interacts with APRS-IS
> and -all- client software to generate the proper 
> messages, q algorithms, etc.

Yep, I think you have nailed it. 

>> maybe the name MSGSVR might be... more generic...

> It is not designed to be a broadcast message server.
> It is for generating initial -direct- contacts,
> not for broadcast messaging.

Yep, I think you got it right there too. That way, we dont have N squared broadcast messages! We only have N initial broadcast CQ's and then QSO messages are one-on-one responses which are orders of magnitude less of an issue...

OK, I think you got it right.  What about the use of ham radio's SK, 73, or QRT  for the logoff command instead of the "U", since "CQ" is the initiating sequence, it makes sense to me to make a matching ham radio one be the ending sequence.  Or allow all four...

Regarding HISTORY transmissions, I agree they are not needed for the sake of keeping the QRM level down.  By logging on to CQSRVR, one has indicated he wants to receive FUTURE CQ's.  He is not aware of past CQ's.  However, everyone else previously logged on DOES see his logon and they send him a QSO message if interested.

So what did you think about the 12 hour time-out instead of the 24 hour one?  THough that can be adjusted at any time later...  Do we have CQSRVR send out a notification that one has timed out?  Might be worthwhile if we end up reducing the time-out to something much shorter...

Im going down join CQSRVR "scouts" in my mobile now...

Bob, Wb4APR

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