[aprssig] SCOUTS to RF Broadcast Server???

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Sun Oct 7 15:47:08 CDT 2007

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> Subject: RE: [aprssig] SCOUTS to RF Broadcast Server???
> OK, I think you got it right.  What about the use of ham radio's SK,
> 73, or QRT  for the logoff command instead of the "U", since "CQ" is
> the initiating sequence, it makes sense to me to make a matching ham
> radio one be the ending sequence.  Or allow all four...

I think people who use it can remember to use a "U" to Unregister.  It
is simple, means "unregister" which is exactly what the command is
doing.  It doesn't mean the station is terminating operation.  If the
person wants to tell everyone 73 before they unregister, they can send a
message.  The reason for "CQ" as the other command is because that is
exactly what you are doing: sending an invitation to all group members
that you are available for contacts.  If it is your first CQ, then it
also registers you with the group but that is ancillary.

> So what did you think about the 12 hour time-out instead of the 24
> one?  THough that can be adjusted at any time later...  Do we have

That is settable in the configuration (not hard coded) so it can be set
to 12 hours.  I will do that when I reboot on Tuesday.

> CQSRVR send out a notification that one has timed out?  Might be
> worthwhile if we end up reducing the time-out to something much
> shorter...

No, it doesn't now but it will after Tuesday.

For those using it now, the groups will be lost when I reboot on Tuesday
so you will need to reregister after that if you want to set up a group.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
pete at ae5pl dot net

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