[aprssig] SCOUTS to RF Broadcast Server???

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Oct 7 17:24:53 CDT 2007

Finally got home to my home station to try this out.

>> What about the use of ham radio's "SK", "73", or 
>> "QRT"  for the logoff command instead of the "U", 
>> since "CQ" is the initiating sequence...
> I think people who use it can remember to use 
> a "U" to Unregister.  It is simple, means 
> "unregister" which is exactly what the command is
> doing.

Hummh..., it doesn't seem logical to me to introduce a new term
out of the blue, that has no ham radio legacy and to not use the
exising ham radio terms that already exist.. When the purpose of
CQSRVR is to serve the requester CQ's until he goes SK or QRT...
Oh well. 

OK, new item.  Since I just now tried it, I notice a new tweak
you might consider.  Apparently my first logon was successful,
but apparently my station did not get the first ACK from CQSRVR.
Therefore CQSRVR sent my station a "too soon" message on my
station's second retry of the original message.  You probably
are working already on something like this:

1) Process CQ message as now.  Works great!
2) Set a 6 minute IGNORE window during which you will ignore all
additional CQ requests from the same station to the same
CQGROUP.  And CQSRVR will not send back the "too-soon" message
during that time.
3) After that time frame, then you can re-activate the "too
soon" response.

This way, CQSRVR will not be sending these messasges on the up
to 5 retries that are common in some systems.  Or maybe it is
much simpler than that.  Just ignore all copies of the same
incoming message as dupes since they are line-numbered.

Great system.



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