[aprssig] SCOUTS to RF Broadcast Server???

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Sun Oct 7 18:15:15 CDT 2007

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> From: Robert Bruninga
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> Subject: RE: [aprssig] SCOUTS to RF Broadcast Server???
> OK, new item.  Since I just now tried it, I notice a new tweak
> you might consider.  Apparently my first logon was successful,
> but apparently my station did not get the first ACK from CQSRVR.
> Therefore CQSRVR sent my station a "too soon" message on my
> station's second retry of the original message.  You probably
> are working already on something like this:

This is inconsequential since the client retry will still be acked.  Not
enough bandwidth used to worry about adding the necessary overhead to
track individual station's messages (this is done with my WHO-IS and
email servers because not recognizing dupes can be an issue with those).


Pete Loveall AE5PL
pete at ae5pl dot net

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