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[aprssig] GO-32 APRS Receiving tests.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Oct 8 00:19:17 UTC 2007

APRS folks:

GO-32 is enabled for 9600 baud mobile APRS satellite


We have already shown that a D7 with a 19" vertical whip on an
overhead pass can get a lucky packet in.  A D700 mobile with 50
watts can get in every time (if no collision).

Now we need to verify the performance of the downlink to mobiles
(and Igates) with omni antennas.  This downlink is about 20 dB
worse because it is on UHF (- 9 dB) and because the satellite is
using only a 4W? Downlink compared to the 50W mobile.

But even if each omni antennna ground station only copies
packets twice a day during the central 5 minutes of an overhead
pass, then with enough such simple groundstations feeding the
global APRS network, then most packets will be captured.

So if you have a D700 parked in the open sky between 8 to 12 AM
and PM local time and can set it for 9600 APRS, then let us know
what you pick up.  See the web page for details.  You should get
some packets in the middle of that time period...


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