[aprssig] CQSRVR details...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Oct 7 19:36:02 CDT 2007

> This is a "keep it simple" principle: 
> no delimiters other than a space.
> Simple, easy to key in, no searching for 
> punctuation easy to remember.

Actually, I would call it the opposite of KISS.  Designing for
human usage would suggest accepting the <groupname> with any
delimiter to minimize the potential for errors and not require
all users to have to remember that only the SPACE delimiter was

But that can be fixed later too.  Its great that you got this on
the air for JOTA coming up in a few weeks...



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> > Subject: [aprssig] CQSRVR details...
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> > Does it ignore punctuation as a delimiter?  First time I sat
> > down to type in a message, I notice I had a tendency to want
> > add a delimiter after the <groupname>.  As in...
> "CQ SCOUTS.  Getting ready for JOTA weekend."
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