[aprssig] Need EPROM Burned

Ray McKnight shortsheep at worldnet.att.net
Sun Oct 7 21:53:53 CDT 2007

Great!  But now I'm a bit confused.
I see two EPROMS a HI and a LO.  I thought
It only used the LO unless you installed special
DIGI firmware.  But maybe I'm thinking of the TNC2's.
So I guess I need both.  Let me know how much you want.
I see my other firmware is 7.0 and not sure what vers I
Downloaded but I can send the .hex file as an attachment
If you can read it.  It's possibly newer.

Can't get your direct e-mail address from the list,
So shoot me a reply directly at
shortsheep AT worldnet DOT att DOT net


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I have a PK-232MBX.  I can read my EPROM and put it into a 27C256 for you.
If your version is 
newer you would need to send me your EPROM so I can read it in.  I will do
it for $5, this will 
cover my cost of the 27C256 and first class postage back to you.

Ron - K0QVF

Ray McKnight wrote:
> I have two PK-232MBX's but one is missing the EPROM.
> Is it possible to read the hex image from the EPROM I have
> To burn a 2^nd EPROM?  If not, I found a firmware image but
> It might not be as new as the one I have, but probably will
> Still be okay, so if I find a 27256 chip is there someone who
> Can burn it for me?  The TNC just isn't worth spending $50+
> For a new chip from Timewave.  I can order a chip on eBay for
> About $6 or maybe you have a stockpile you can sell one cheaper?
> Gee, am I asking for a lot ;-)  Once I get these two TNC's ready
> (new backup batteries need soldered in) I'll be offering them for
> sale on the list.  They're excess for me.  P.S. if someone wants
> one of these for a DIGI speak NOW before I waste someone's
> time as you'll probably want specific EPROM's other than the
> original AEA. 
> Ray - WB3ABN
> Kingston, WA
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