[aprssig] Need EPROM Burned

Ray McKnight shortsheep at worldnet.att.net
Sun Oct 7 23:53:24 CDT 2007

Thanks for the info, Steve.
I've had so many different TNC's I can't keep
Them all straight.  Do you know what the earliest
Firmware version is that includes Pactor support?

I also was unfortunate to run out and plop down $400
For a DSP232 when it came out, only to find out that 90%
Of its features didn't work and AEA/TW only supports
Packet, all else they abandoned.  ARGH.  

But I've had a hoot with my PK-900 which has a Pactor-
Packet gateway, which I ran for a few years.  And I use
It sometimes to access WinLink.

Too bad not more TNC's include Pactor support.
Even if it's only Pactor-1.

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Ray McKnight wrote:
> Great!  But now I'm a bit confused.
> I see two EPROMS a HI and a LO.  I thought
> It only used the LO unless you installed special
> DIGI firmware.  But maybe I'm thinking of the TNC2's.
> So I guess I need both.  Let me know how much you want.
> I see my other firmware is 7.0 and not sure what vers I
> Downloaded but I can send the .hex file as an attachment
> If you can read it.  It's possibly newer.

The PK-232 is NOT a TAPR TNC2 clone.   

It CANNOT run the various firmware alternatives like TheNet or UIdigi 
used on TNC2 clones (such as the MFJ-127x series, PacCom units or even 

Further, the '232 is a power hog, consuming over an amp at 12 VDC 
compared to 200-300 mA for a TNC2 clone.

Finally, there is no explicit support for APRS in the PK-232 firmware.  
It will not do call-sign-substituting decrementing-N  digipeating 
stand-alone.   You have to run it in KISS  mode with a program on a 
computer to do modern WIDEn-N digipeating.  By itself, it is only 
useable as a basic WIDE1-1 home fill-in digipeater.  

It is far more valuable as an HF device for RTTY, AMTOR and especially 
PacTOR (for Winlink/Airmail) than for VHF APRS due to it's excellent 300 
baud HF filters and modem.  With recent firmware that supports PacTOR, 
they should be an easy sell to the boating/yachting  types that are 
always looking for WinLink appliances.  


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