[aprssig] GO-32 Mobile Receive Success!

gerheim at cox.net gerheim at cox.net
Fri Oct 12 08:25:47 CDT 2007

I can hear bursts of 9600 baud in the downlink at the right time, right freq, and right doppler.  

I don't get any signal strength bars on the D7A(G).  It's kind of odd because it breaks squelch rather smartly.  This may be an anomaly with the D7, or just a weak signal.  I'll have to test it when I have access to two HT's on 70cm this evening.  (I know the D7 doesn't show the battery indicator bars when you transmit data on band B.)  

It's a little troubling that I can't decode anything.  I even tried to use my old HP95LX as a dumb terminal from my mobile this AM.  Nothing.  

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-Al Gerheim

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