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[aprssig] GO-32 in safe mode...

N3UJJ (Scott Gillis) N3UJJ at N3UJJ.COM
Fri Oct 12 15:10:54 UTC 2007

Well that explains why I didn't see anything either (I figured I did
something wrong) (smile)

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Subject: [aprssig] GO-32 in safe mode...

> I can hear bursts of 9600 baud in the downlink at the right time, 
> right freq, and right doppler.
> It's a little troubling that I can't decode anything.

Apparently GO-32 has crashed its software and is in a safe mode.
It is transmitting a single burst of 9600 baud every 30 seconds, but it is
not decodable on a monitoring TNC, because the PID in that safe mode packet
is non-standard. (Im guessing here)

This is why you can monitor the 9600 baud downlink and not have megabytes of
packets overflowing your monitor, because all BBS traffic is sent with a
different PID than normally used for conventional UI packets.  But all
beacons, bulletins and APRS packets are all using the standard PID.
(Protocol Identification Byte).

So we are kind of in standby until GO-32 software is reloaded...

Hang in there...

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