[aprssig] Kenwood KPS-15 switching Power supply in Europe?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 12 13:58:25 CDT 2007

I tried it on a low currrent bench supply and with the jumper
removed, it started producing 13.8VDC with 160 volts on the
input.  I raised it to 240 VDC input and it was still doing
fine.  My smallest load was 1 amp on the output, but even that
shut down the supply due to the 100 mA limit of my 240 VDC power

But I think you are right.  I even see now that the catalog
shows that supply is good for 120 or 240 even though there is no
mention of that on the nameplate.

Oh and I load tested it at 120VAC input and at 21 amps it was
down to under 10 volts.  So it does not produce the 23 amps at
13.8 that the nameplate suggests.


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> Bob WB4APR wrote...
> > Does anyone in Europe with 220 mains use the Kenwood KPS-15
> > switching power supply? It is good for 23 amps at 120 VAC.
> > I see no nameplate indication that it can run from 220-240 
> and it does
> > not have the little voltage switch to select... I see also 
> a yellow jumper
> > wire near the input caps that would seem to possibly be the 
> "switch"...
> I don't have one, but I did a search and found a page at
> www.universal-radio.com/CATALOG/hamps/4273.html
> that indicates that "this power supply input may be converted
> 220 VAC input via an internal jumper cable." You might want to
> for a confirmation from somewhere else, but at a glance, it 
> sounds like
> you have found the jumper.
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