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[aprssig] Prius Power for Field Day

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sat Oct 13 06:42:52 UTC 2007

> I use a switchmode supply that comes from a Chinese manufacturer that is 
> rated at 40A continuously. It delivers 44A before it goes into foldback. 
> At some point thereafter (that I haven't bothered to measure) it trips 
> on overload until the load is removed. The supply is also very RF 
> friendly with S0 being the standing background noise on HF in my rural 
> setting.

No idea who the manufacturer is, huh?  I found a few pictures online 
with that model number, so I at least know what it looks like.  I'm 
headed back out to the China Sourcing Fair tomorrow (I'm in Hong Kong at 
the moment) and there are a few benchtop power supply manufacturers 
represented.  Actually, there are 4 pages of power supply manufacturers 
in the show guide, but a lot of them just do cell phone chargers and 
small devices.

Wait, I missed the addendum - make that 5 pages of manufacturers.  I 
don't know if my feet are going to survive another full lap of that 
place!  I'll keep an eye out, though.

I've learned you've got to be careful about model numbers - one radio 
manufacturer was showing an FT-1500 mobile.  Looks nothing like the 
Yaesu, though.  Interestingly, ALL of their models start with either FT- 
or IC-.  And another manufacturer has a TK-790, but it's a little HT and 
not easily confused with the Kenwood mobile.


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