[aprssig] Easy Predicting GO-32 for the mobile!

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Sat Oct 13 04:21:02 CDT 2007

gerheim at cox.net skrev:
> Using a cheap 1/4 wave (half meter) GP, I finally decoded something from GO-32.  The "LIST" in the D7 filled up with 40 identical status messages from 4XTECH-12 - even the same time tag, right down to the second.  
> I should be able to put up a satgate as soon as I get the registration for UIVIEW-32, and they fix the bird's s/w.  

SATGATE. i'm planning to use a tm-d700 . i have donwloaded and installed 
Alogger have been testing running a SATGATE on 145.825 and seems ok.

Whats the recommended SSID for a satgate and symbol? And is there a 
spesific aprs server i have to connect to??

Kai Gunter

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