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[aprssig] GO32/UVIEW-32 problems

gerheim at cox.net gerheim at cox.net
Sun Oct 14 13:57:26 UTC 2007

I got UIVIEW to work with 144.39 and a good old MFJ-1274.

I switched to the D7 in an attempt to downlink packets from GO-32.  

1) The script in UIVIEW kept setting the D7 to Data Band = A, and I had to reset it to Tx:A, Rx:B, then I wised up and edited the script.  I commented-out the stuff that fooled with the data/aprs band assignments.  

2) UIVIEW decoded nothing on several passes, one of which was 84deg Elevation (Yes, it went quiet in "the hole", but was very strong between 25 and 60 degrees.) 

2a) On the outgoing portion of the 84 degree pass, I put the D7 into APRS mode, changed freq to accomodate doppler, and it immediately decoded lots and lots of packets, one of which looked like a legitimate APRS packet.   This was a north-to-south pass, so it was over VE2/W1 while UIVIEW reported nothing.  

2b) I also switched it to a dumb terminal program, with the D7 in "PACKET" mode, and it decoded nothing.  

This should be quite a bird if we can iron out the details!  I hope the more knowledgeable folks out there will be able to use my observations.   

-Al Gerheim

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