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[aprssig] GO32/UVIEW-32 problems

gerheim at cox.net gerheim at cox.net
Sun Oct 14 16:41:32 UTC 2007

It always pays to talk to the experts!

---- Bob Bruninga  <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote: 
> > ... On the outgoing portion of the 84 degree pass, 
> > I put the D7 into APRS mode, ... and it immediately
> >  decoded lots and lots of packets, 
> > while UIVIEW reported nothing.   
> The packet BAUD setting and APRS baud setting are two different settings.  One is under RADIO-TNC and the other is under APRS-BAUD RATE or something like that.  So for UIVIEW you have to change the one in the RADIO menu. 
> OR... just go to terminal mode in UIview and change it on the fly using the TNC's HB command.  Set HB to 9600. 
> Maybe that was it?  The front panel should have shown "96" if you were in the correct baud rate...
> Bob
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-Al Gerheim

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