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[aprssig] GO32/UVIEW-32 problems

gerheim at cox.net gerheim at cox.net
Sun Oct 14 17:28:03 UTC 2007

In the radio menu, I only see one setting for baud rate - that's the one in the APRS menu.  Went thru the manual, etc...  

Tried all sorts of stuff to get the script to leave the D7 in a workable mode
1) If I comment-out (or delete) the line setting the data band ("DTB 0!DTB 0"), the radio winds up in APRS (not PACKET) mode, and UIVIEW gives an error message to the effect that the TNC didn't respond properly.  

2) I used a dumb terminal program to change the baud rate to 9600, but couldn't get the "96" to appear on the screen.  I confirmed that it was transmitting at 9600 baud.   I can't find a way to insert the "HB 9600" command in the script so it'll be digested by the D7.  

Is there any documentation on the syntax for the "setup" portion of the script?  

---- Bob Bruninga  <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote: 
> > ... On the outgoing portion of the 84 degree pass, 
> > I put the D7 into APRS mode, ... and it immediately
> >  decoded lots and lots of packets, 
> > while UIVIEW reported nothing.   
> The packet BAUD setting and APRS baud setting are two different settings.  One is under RADIO-TNC and the other is under APRS-BAUD RATE or something like that.  So for UIVIEW you have to change the one in the RADIO menu. 
> OR... just go to terminal mode in UIview and change it on the fly using the TNC's HB command.  Set HB to 9600. 
> Maybe that was it?  The front panel should have shown "96" if you were in the correct baud rate...
> Bob
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-Al Gerheim

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