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[aprssig] D710 PTT mode (or D700?)

Rusty Hemenway nnn0fjk at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 19:01:48 UTC 2007

Bob and Group

Tried setting the Beacon to PTT from Auto on the 710.  Worked the same as
you found on the 700. 

This helped me out with the problem I had with the 710, whereby it would
stop scanning every time it transmitted.  This was an issue as I wanted to
transmit my position, but every time side A transmitted, scanning stopped on
B.  I had to push the MR button to resume scanning.  I did not have this
issue with the 700.

Now I can still send my position each time I transmit on side B, and I have
to push the MR button anyway if I've been transmitting on B to resume
scanning.   Of course I'm not transmitting my position as often as before,
but now I can do both.   

I hope Kenwood makes a change so I can scan and transmit APRS without having
to push the MR button each time.  Then I'll have the option of scanning all
the time and sending many aprs positions or just sending the aprs positions
when I set the beacon to ptt and transmit on b. I prefer the first option
for better tracking, but the second is doable until a software change is

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In addition to the proportional pathing and automatic decay of TX period,
the D710 has another neat feature I discovered today..

If you put it in PTT mode, then it will TX the data packet on the ARPS
channel even if you are doing PTT on the voice channel.  This means that
instead of your APRS packet going out in the middle of a QSO while you are
listening on band B with 2 meters, it will wait.  

It will only send your posit at the instant you release the PTT no matter
which band you are on. 

Maybe the D700 does this too.  I never noticed it.  As you saw inthe
previous message, I went to PTT mode while on GO-32...

Wait a minute.  It WAS the D700 that did this... shucks, now I am confused.
I did the GO32 pass last night from my van which has the D700 and today from
my car using the D710.  Now she has the van, so I cannot confirm an dI
cannot remember for sure when I did this.

But anyway, it was a pleasenat surprise to see it do this.

Oh, and if it does this on the D700, then this is a new Great way to cut
back on unattended parking-lot-D700 packets.  Just set PTT mode instead of
AUTO.  This way, you disappear from ARPS unless you are using your 2-way Ham
radio and PTTing now and then.

If you aren't using your ham radio, maybe no one really gives a hoot where
you are...  <grin>..

Bob, Wb4APR

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