[aprssig] OT question.

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Oct 15 05:42:22 CDT 2007

If you only want one "link" end to end, duplex audio with a choice of
codec's built in, including GSM and Speax PCM, look up "IP-Sound" by
Free for ham use, and works very well over a local network, or over the
internet, (so long as you setup your router, or use Hamachi VPN)
You may though want to change it's default "port" usage to somthing in
the "High port range", as the default was also used by some "nasty"
programs too.
The problem at the moment, is links to the download of this seem to have
vanished..  If anyone want's to try it, let me know direct and I can
send you an original install file.   some 900k size ZIP file, with
original PDF document describing how to use it.
Dave G0WBX.


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	I dread asking my question on this sig, so please, please....
responses direct and off sig.
	I'm trying to find a "phone" type app that allows for voice
chatting between workstations similar to skype.  I had thought that
skype would work w/o a connection to the net since it is peer to peer,
but the app won't initalize w/o a network connection to the outside
	These so called USB skype phones are simply sound cards that
look like small cell phones to the end user.... they appear as a 2nd
audio device under windows.  I'd like to find a chat program that does
not need an outside network connection AND allows me to select the 2nd
audio device as the target of the chat program.  This will allow the
ringer to come thru the PC speakers and the voice chat to come from the
	Any ideas?  Even cheesy small programs are acceptable.
	Is there any SIP software that will allow the use of a 2nd audio
device as a "phone" with asterisk pbx?  Can you bridge asterisk to
	I know, very off topic but there is just such a broad base of
people here, I couldn't resist.
	In theory there is no difference between practice and theory. 

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