[aprssig] D710 PTT mode (or D700?)

Rusty Hemenway nnn0fjk at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 16:17:46 CDT 2007

I had tried the radio with the frequency being transmitted and without it
being transmitted.  Same results. 

Now with PTT selected, the radio is scanning ok, but will transmit the
frequency I key up on,on APRS when I key upon a frequency on B. 

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> Bob and Group
> Tried setting the Beacon to PTT from Auto on the
> 710.  Worked the same as
> you found on the 700. 
> This helped me out with the problem I had with the
> 710, whereby it would
> stop scanning every time it transmitted.  This was
> an issue as I wanted to
> transmit my position, but every time side A
> transmitted, scanning stopped on
> B.  I had to push the MR button to resume scanning. 
> I did not have this
> issue with the 700.
> Now I can still send my position each time I
> transmit on side B, and I have
> to push the MR button anyway if I've been
> transmitting on B to resume
> scanning.   Of course I'm not transmitting my
> position as often as before,
> but now I can do both.   
> I hope Kenwood makes a change so I can scan and
> transmit APRS without having
> to push the MR button each time.  Then I'll have the
> option of scanning all
> the time and sending many aprs positions or just
> sending the aprs positions
> when I set the beacon to ptt and transmit on b. I
> prefer the first option
> for better tracking, but the second is doable until
> a software change is
> made. 

Check to see if your D710 is sending out the Band B
frequency in one of its packets.  I suspect it is
which would explain why it's stopping the scan so it
can acquire a frequency from Band B.

I hope this is the case because otherwise that would
annoy me to no end.  I like my D700 beaconing
automatically and I like having Band B scanning all
the time since I listen to multiple repeaters.  I
don't care to have my packet show what frequency the
radio is using because I'm "using" lots of them. 
Sorry Bob, but if this is the way the D710 operates
and can't be changed then that's pretty lousy as a "feature".

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