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[aprssig] D710 PTT mode (or D700?)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 16 00:21:18 UTC 2007

> I don't care to have my [D710] packet show 
> what frequency the radio is using because 
> I'm "using" lots of them. ... Sorry Bob, 
> but if this is the way the D710 operates
> and can't be changed then that's pretty lousy 
> as a "feature".

If you are jumping around in frequency, then that is usually
exactly what the frequency-in-packet is designed for.  How else
would anyone be able to find you?  I would assume that the
frequency is not updated in the packet, until the radio stops
scanning and stops on one frequency.  Then is when the packet
would update with the frequency.  I'm not sure what the hang
time is before it will capture the new frequency.


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